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Faith & Work NYC Summer Project

REVISED DATES:  //  June 17 - July 26, 2019
Cost: $450 
We tend to spend most of our lives at our jobs — certainly not at church.  Yet what does following Jesus have to do with Wall Street or Silicon Valley or joining a new tech start up or working for a non-profit (etc.)? How does the gospel shape and form the way we discern our vocations and approach our careers?
Transform the way you think about the workplace next summer in New York City, by participating in a community project expressly designed to answer such questions and help you grow in your ability to intelligently, faithfully integrate your faith with your work.  
If you have secured a summer job or internship in the New York City area, please consider joining up with other Christian Union students who are in the city for the summer as part of our Faith & Work NYC Summer Project.  
Each week we will gather together as a community to explore the relationship between the gospel and the workplace, through dynamic teaching, special guest speakers and skilled practitioners, vocational workshops, and small group conversations in which to review and process and respond to what you are experiencing in your internship with the support and encouragement of your peers.
* Each student is responsible for securing his/her summer internship. Faith & Work NYC
    neither offers nor provides internships. 
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